Update: Black Oak Fundraiser a Success!

This provides a status report on the Black Oak Pledge 

campaign from the Session and finance committee. 

First and foremost the substantial and timely response is 

appreciated. Your generosity and commitment to Rivermont 

are to be commended. This acquisition will further the mission 

of Rivermont to be a church that witnesses to God’s love. 

$75,000 = Amount of $ targeted, which is $60,000 for the 

property and $15,000 for renovations    

                   and demolition

$63,324 = Pledges received; 84% of pledge total

$46,672 = Actual receipts as of August 23, 2015

 These are excellent results. Last meeting, the session 

unanimously approved to use up to $12,000 from the Memorial 

funds for to complete the campaign. The gifts made in memory 

of our members contribute to a legacy that will benefit the next 

generation of Rivermonters. A short-term promissory note for 

one year was taken to enable the purchase. This note must be 

paid in full by May, 2016.  Currently we are paying down the 

note aggressively as receipts allow.