Rivermont Presbyterian Women:  Presbyterian Women (PW) offers women in the church meaningful ways to live out their faith in the midst of a caring community of women. For more than 200 years PW groups have strengthened the Presbyterian Church and played a major role in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and witnessing to the promise of God's kingdom.

Membership in RPW is open to all women.  We come together for a monthly Bible study and to experience fellowship through the support of friends who have an interest in and

concern for each other. We strive to help women (both inside and outside of Rivermont) to become aware of the power of Christ.  It is He, alone, who will support us through all of life’s experiences. In  addition to PW within our congregation, PW also exists at the Presbytery, Synod, and PCUSA levels.  Several members of RPW are currently participating  in activities within these groups.

 PW Schedule:

  • 1st Monday of each month – Coordinating Team Meeting
  •  2nd Monday of each month – Circle (Bible Study)
  •  3rd & 4th Monday of each month – PW Prayer Time.