Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education at Rivermont seeks to provide spaces where individuals can grow in their knowledge of God and develop strong relationships with others. A diverse array of formats, including small discussion groups, guest speakers, panels, and lectures, provide opportunities to make faith intellectually vital and practically applicable.

Rivermont Academy

Chapel or Commons

On a seasonal basis, Rivermont presents an Academy course. These short-term classes explore different topics, ranging from Art, Literature, Theology, and the Christian Life. Academy courses provide an opportunity for those new to Sunday school and Sunday school veterans to learn and grow together. 



Theater Room, next to the Chapel

The Seekers class explores the biblical text using the PC (USA) curriculum The Present Word. Through discussion and activities, participants are inspired to deepen their relationship with God and encouraged to connect faith and life. Teachers rotate on a monthly basis.



Session Room

Kerygma is a Greek word for preaching. In this class, we explore Old and New Testament scriptures using the Kerygma Bible study curriculum.


Discussion Class

Robinson Room

The Discussion class meets each Sunday for engaging dialogue on a variety of topics, ideas and events that happen in the community and the life of the church.


Square Pegs

Commons 1

The Square Pegs brings adults together from a diverse range of backgrounds and stages of life to share in our spiritual growth. Using Biblical themes to guide us, we select contemporary topics to explore and learn about living as Christians in the modern world. In addition to the Bible, we use a variety of study guides, including video series and books.