Help for Haiti

     As many of you know, Rivermont has long been a sponsor of the Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti (CNP), which has greatly reduced child malnutrition rates in the Leogane province. 

    Rivermont has also more recently begun sponsoring the Friends of Momance in their endeavors to assist the village of Momance lift itself out of poverty.  Both of these organizations are currently assessing the damage from hurricane Matthew. 

     Rivermont is planning a mission trip to Haiti for February 11, 2017 - February 18, 2017.  Our intention is to assist the CNP and Friends of Momance with construction related needs, to assist the CNP with computer training, and to provide medical services to the staff of both organizations. 

    Although prior experience in construction, technology and medicine is appreciated, all those with a desire to help should speak with Chuck Sternbergh, Jim Burer or Keith Grant to learn more about how they can assist in this extremely worthy endeavor.  For more information about the above two organizations, visit or